Cargo Lashing & Securing

Are you Shipping something abroad? Do you want to make sure it gets there in one piece? Whether in a container, as ro-ro or break-bulk, on a cassette, roll-trailer or flat-rack, we can secure it. We can even supply the lashing equipment! Give your cargo the care and protection it deserves.


Ship Repair

Is your ship in need of repair? Is a part faulty and in need of replacement? It could be something routine, like installing or removing sea-fastentings or something unexpected like sudden hydraulic or motor failure, either way we can help!


Gangway Hire

Is your gangway out of test? Can the tide sometimes render your gangway unsuitable? We have a number of gangways of various sizes able to ensure access to your vessel is maintained - and we deliver! Hit the button for further information, prices and availability.


Cargo Inspection & Reporting

Are you confident your cargo is loaded and secured in accordance with international standards? Has your cargo sustained damage in transit? We can let you know in a full and comprehensive report, complete with photographs, a written assessment and a partridge in a pear tree! Click “Inquire”, fill out the form and let us put your mind at ease.



Need a helping hand to get your ship out on time? Or even a few helping hands? With a database of experienced Stevedores, we can fill those pesky gaps in your roster, boost productivity and help get things back on track.